Welcome to Doosearch

What is Doosearch?

Doosearch is a website that offers in a home page a search form with the ability to search on more than 100 different websites (including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Qwant).

More than 100 search engines

Yes, you read well, there are plenty. There are engines specializing in technology, commerce and even cooking. You can also search for someone in your family on the different social networks you know. But do not expect to find the car key you lost.

Pin your favorite search engines

You are lucky because we thought of you, yes you who frequently use several different search engines. With this new version, you can pin as many search engines as you want.

Express yourself

Fed up with the white and monotonous background of Google? You are right to come here because you are free to change the background color. And why not set a background image, it's more stylish, right?

Use it on your PC, smartphone and tablet

Everywhere with you (like an ad). However, this is true with Doosearch. You can use it on your computer, tablet and smartphone because it was made for. Just one URL for all your devices.

Open source and "Made in France"

Doosearch was developed by french people and hosted by a french web host. You can even explore the source code of Doosearch, if you have developing skills because it's open source.

There is even a derived version of Doosearch, the version of Feldrise that is designed for his Sielo web browser.

Pin your favorite search engines

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